Propel's cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software helps you bring your customers closer to your products.

Propel places your customers in the center of your product strategy. Your customers - and everyone else you work with - can participate in every step of the product lifecycle - from capturing needs to buying products to resolving issues in the field.

And because Propel's cloud PLM is built on a modern cloud platform, it's easy to deploy, use, scale and trust.

Happier Customers

Improve customer transparency by collaborating with your customers, partners, and all employees on customer requirements - from opportunity to launch.

Faster Product Launches

Successfully launch products into the market by coordinating all your latest product updates, including hardware, pricing, marketing collateral and more.

Higher Product Quality

Create better products by coordinating field issues, service requests and engineering changes across your custmomers, customer service, quality and engineering teams.

Cloud PLM for the Participation Economy

Your customers are living in a new world called the Participation Economy. Social media, IoT, crowdsourcing, and 3D printing are all examples of how technology is making customers much more engaged and active with businesses. And this shift isn’t just for B2C companies - the same attitudes we have in our own personal life are carrying over to the B2B world as well. Customers in all industries are now shaping product designs, promoting brands and raising product issues. And this shift is transforming how companies develop, make and sell products to their customers.

Propel offers cloud PLM software that helps your customers better engage with you and your products. Propel places your customer in the center of your product strategy, so your customers - and everyone else - can work more closely and participate in every step of the product lifecycle.


Propel's cloud PLM software helps companies across industries bring their customers closer to their products. The end result? Greater revenue across all channels, higher customer loyalty and less risk.