Propel offers modern cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) that helps everyone at your company, partners and customers create great products.

Propel's PLM software makes it easy for everyone to define, update and share product changes from the beginning of product development all the way to product usage. And because Propel is built 100% on Salesforce, it's highly configurable, reliable and scalable.

Customer Requests

Improve customer responsiveness by collaborating with your customers, partners, and all employees on customer development requests - from opportunity to launch.

Product Launch

Succesfully launch products into the market by coordinating all your latest product updates, including hardware, services instructions, marketing collateral and more.

Continuous Improvement

Create better products by coordinating field issues, service requests and engineering changes across your partners, customer service, quality and engineering teams.


Propel builds upon Salesforce's platform features - including embedded collaboration, configurable reports and dashboards, global reliability, data security, workflows, files and integration - to create an enterprise customer-product record that manages all types of customer, product and service information.


Propel helps companies across industries more effectively share changing product information with their suppliers, partners and customers. The end result? Greater revenue across all channels, higher customer loyalty and less risk.