Propel's Thoughts on Manufacturing and Cloud PLM Software

Where should your regulated company manage your training plans?

Jul 12, 2018

Are you working for a company that requires you to know who has been trained and certified on a product, process, or standard operating procedure? If...
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Stop, Collaborate and Listen with Cloud-Based PLM

Jul 02, 2018

As humans, we are collaborating at an astronomical rate. More so than any time in history thanks to Twitter, email, video chat, Chatter and others we...
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What is Product Information Management? How Does it Affect Me?

Jun 12, 2018

Product information management is all around us. When we shop online we are using a component of the product information management (PIM) puzzle....
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5 Minutes with Propel

Jun 07, 2018

Everyday at Propel, we get asked all kinds of questions regarding our software, what our customers are doing, tips and tricks for Product Lifecycle...
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