Finding The Right Quality Management Software (QMS)

By Allyssa

Propel provides the only quality management software (QMS) solution that seamlessly connects to your CRM and PLM for a true closed loop that can quickly resolve your product issues, quality processes, and customer complaints in the field.

Finding the Right Quality Management Software (QMS) with Propel

Propel eliminates manual data entry, siloed departmental processes and rigid software configurations that can hamper even the best companies.

With Propel you can:

  • Improve product quality by creating a highly configurable and closed loop of incidents, CAPAs, NCMRs and engineering changes that comply to 21 CFR.
  • Ensure compliance by collaborating on and centralizing policies, procedures and SOPs in the world’s most flexible medical device PLM.
  • Deliver innovation by having everyone collaborate on everything about your
    products, including training records, design history files (DHFs) and device master records (DMRs).
  • Reduce validation time by leveraging Propel’s Medical Validation Pack, a full set of validation scripts and documentation, best practices validation methodology, and fully documented and tested upgrades.

When you use Propel's QMS system, you can drive higher product quality, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance all within one single system.

Learn more about Propel's QMS solution by watching our explainer video above followed by a demo of our QMS solution.

Watch QMS Demo

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