The Importance of Product Information Management and Why You Need It

By Allyssa

Product information management (PIM) is the process of managing product assets, data, skus, media and any other related content in a unified platform. Managing product information in a centralized platform allows companies to deliver accurate and detailed product information to the customer, regardless of location or medium.

Propel’s product information management platform allows companies to seamlessly update their product data across all channels within one single system. Pushing updates to distributors, online store, eCommerce channels, and sales teams is easier than ever with Propel's PIM solution.

When you use Propel's PIM software you reduce errors by seamlessly pushing product content, product data, product categories, product assets and more to your distributors – regardless of location. You don’t have to worry about spreadsheets, manual tasks or user permissions. You can do everything in one platform. This is the equivalent of winning a gold medal, winning the top seed in the bracket or scoring the last donut in the breakroom.

Watch our quick video below and see the benefits of product information management.

Why is Product Information Management Important_

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