Everyday at Propel, we get asked all kinds of questions regarding our software, what our customers are doing, tips and tricks for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and more. So to make things easier to understand, each week I’ll take about 5 minutes to answer the most common questions that Propel hears from manufacturing companies.

Probably the most common question we get is “How is Propel really different from other solutions on the market?” When I explain how we’re different, I like to highlight the business processes we can improve because we have a very unique, customer-centric view of product development.

And if you ask our customers who use Propel everyday, they often talk about our extensibility, ease of use, real-time reporting and mobile support.

I’ve found that most people have an easier time understanding these technical “deep dive” differentiators, so I’ll open up our 5-minute video series discussing what we mean by “extensibility.”

Over the coming weeks, I plan on covering topics like cloud security, CAD integration, QMS/PLM integration and more. Got a topic you want me to cover in just 5 minutes? Add your comment below and let me know!

Miguel Tam

Miguel Tam

Jun 07, 2018