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In our latest partner webinar, Improve Product Quality With The Salesforce Platform, we joined Michael Schwartz, Senior...

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Blazing a new trail in the highly regulated world of medical devices sounds crazy. But with all the changes happening in the...

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Industry 4.0, digital transformation, IoT, and digital twins are just some of the recent trends that manufacturing companies...

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Customer-centricity has been transforming the retail and financial services industries for the last several years, and now...

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By Miguel Tam On January 24, 2019

Powering CES 2019

From self driving cars to foldable smartphones to laptops that are so thin they’ll disappear in your backpack, this year’s CES...

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Thanks Chicago for hosting Propel at the PI PLMx conference last week. It was a little cold and rainy (so a typical Chicago...

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Are you from a manufacturing company going to Dreamforce? I'm sure E-commerce is probably something on your mind. It's sure...

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If you're a Salesforce customer, partner or employee (or thinking about being any of those soon), it's that crazy time of the...

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By Miguel Tam On June 7, 2018

5 Minutes with Propel

Everyday at Propel, we get asked all kinds of questions regarding our software, what our customers are doing, tips and tricks...

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