It’s been a year since Propel helped organize the inaugural Manufacturing Cloud Summit and attended the Salesforce World Tour Chicago 2016. And what a year it’s been!

This year the event (now called the Salesforce Manufacturing Summit) had 2X the attendees, 2X the speakers and 2X the sponsors. In addition to great presentations from Bruce Richardson of Salesforce and Charlie Merrow of Merrow Sewing Machines, Jeffrey Hammond of Forrester Research also shared how after decades of focusing on operational efficiency, manufacturers are making the customer experience, collaboration and SaaS their top priorities.

When I first got involved with the Salesforce manufacturing team almost five years ago, manufacturers were still hesitant about adopting cloud technologies. They often worried about about security, performance and their existing legacy systems. Fast forward to 2017, and we now have speakers from some of the world’s most established brands, including AGCO, Monsanto, Johnson Controls and Matouk, talking about how the cloud has helped transform their companies.

But while manufacturers are starting to adopt SaaS, how can we quantify that? While we were at Chicago, Propel conducted a survey to see how companies are adopting cloud technologies. And while we’re still compiling the data, here are some interesting initial findings from over a hundred survey respondents:

  • The biggest benefit of SaaS is higher productivity (reported by 2/3 of the respondents), followed by lower IT costs and better data visibility (at 51% each).
  • The biggest challenges remaining for cloud technologies are integration (reported by 45% of respondents), budget (30%) and security (29%).
What does this all mean? Stay tuned for the latest survey results, and see how they compare to last year’s numbers.

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Miguel Tam

Miguel Tam

Jun 23, 2017