How to Get Ahead of Your Commercialization Pain Points

By Joanna Rutter

Without successful product commercialization, even the best-designed products have a hard time succeeding in the long run. 

As we previously blogged about, product commercialization encapsulates: 

  • Managing product assets, data, SKUs, media and any other related content
  • Getting the latest relevant product information into all sales channels and into the hands of customers
  • All execution elements involved in launching and bringing products to market
  • Continued service of those products

Product Commercialization Blog

Long considered a realm reserved only for salespeople and marketers, in today’s fast-paced landscape, commercialization simply can’t belong to those silos alone.

Effective companies need total visibility between departments, customer issues and product changes in order to iterate fast enough to keep up with the speed of the market. Managing commercialization in a centralized platform allows companies to deliver accurate and detailed product information to distributors and customers, regardless of location or medium.

An effective commercialization platform allows companies to seamlessly update their product data across all channels within one single system. Pushing updates instantly to distributors, online stores, eCommerce channels, and sales teams shouldn’t be difficult — but it often is when you’re using an outdated commercialization platform (or not using one at all). 

Without a commercialization tool, your process can get tangled up in these details:

  • Clunky user permissions reduce or increase visibility for different parties, introducing risk
  • Manual tasks clogging up workflows and creating bottlenecks
  • Product information inconsistencies between distributors


We’ve compiled key pain points in commercialization in a datasheet here, in which you can learn more about common difficulties and how to address them in a better system. Download it now.

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