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Manufacturers Pivot to Provide COVID-19 Relief with Products Built on Propel

April 27, 2020

ASP, Cantel, Samsara and Formlabs are hard at work increasing manufacturing outputs and systems to accelerate access to crucial products needed in COVID-19 testing and treatment.

Propel customers are hard at work increasing manufacturing outputs and systems to accelerate access to crucial products needed for COVID-19 testing and treatment.

We continue to be blown away by our customer community as they find innovative solutions for this great challenge we are all facing together — and humbled they’re using Propel to bring relief to people in need. Here are just a few stories that make us proud.

Advanced Sterilization Products makes new protocol for repurposing masks


ASP has qualified a new reprocessing protocol for their STERRAD sterilizers that turns mission-critical, single-use N95 masks into reusable devices, tripling the useful lifetime and functionality of crucial personal protective equipment. A single STERRAD setup can reprocess 480 masks per day! 

New FDA guidance enabled them to go public with this solution quickly to overcome shortages of personal protection equipment for healthcare workers worldwide. ASP continues to impress us with their adaptability.

Cantel increases medical supply manufacturing outputs to 24/7 productivity

With infection prevention as a core of their company's mission, our customer Cantel Medical is doing everything possible to deliver key products and services such as masks, PPE, and other infection prevention solutions. 

A big shoutout to them on increasing manufacturing outputs to bring these critical products to various end markets as soon as possible to protect our healthcare professionals and those who are most in need. They’ve enabled the production of over 4.4 million masks per week to serve healthcare professionals! 

Samsara keeps truck drivers safe


Our customer Samsara wrote on staying closely connected and helping hundreds of front-line heroes manage the continued impact of the outbreak. You can learn their tips and tricks on successful fleet management and handling the current global supply chain situation in their recent blog

Formlabs prints test components for hospitals


3D printer manufacturer Formlabs has been working relentlessly with dozens of hospitals, medical professionals, and state and federal agencies on printing and testing various components for ventilators, test kit swabs, personal protective equipment, face shields and more. They’ve also received a class one FDA exemption to produce nasal swabs quickly — an urgent need since there are so few manufacturers worldwide, reports TechCrunch.

“3-D printing easily enables a local approach to manufacturing because the swab designs can be easily shared online across the country and the world, meaning faster delivery,” wrote Formlabs CEO Max Lobovsky in a Marketwatch column.

“Producing critical components locally cuts down on the time it takes to get these devices in the hands of medical personnel. By producing these components locally, say in New York City or in San Francisco, delivery time is cut in half so hospitals have access to more test swabs faster.”

We could use your help, too

We recently launched the Healthcare Manufacturer Community, a free and open community built on Salesforce Care and dedicated to the fight against COVID-19. The Community contains easy to navigate medical device designs, sourcing and component data, and documentation that allows companies to pivot and manufacture ventilators, as well as other life-saving medical equipment. 


The Community launched with the full design documents, product manuals, and software code of the PB560 ventilator that Medtronic recently made available to the public. The information has been uploaded to Propel’s Product Success Platform, with an easy to navigate user interface that clearly presents the information released by Medtronic. Silicon Expert, an Arrow Electronics subsidiary, has generously added detailed supplier and component information. 

We are inviting the public to join the community for free, access all the information, and collaborate with others to develop their own ventilator design and get it to market as quickly as possible. Will you join us?

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