Customer-Centric Product Innovation

By Miguel Tam
Last week, Professor Dave Angelow presented a very interesting and informative webinar discussing why and how manufacturing companies should shift from being product-centric companies to customer-centric. If you missed the webinar, the recording is available on YouTube.

Some highlights from Professor Angelow:

  • Customer-centricity is the intersection of customer value and the customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Think from the customer’s perspective before and after the sale
  • Changing to a customer-centric organization requires coordination of executive buy-in, reimagined processes and a fresh look at IT systems
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be an effective means of helping companies with digital transformation and customer-centric initiatives

Today Propel also announced our latest cloud PLM software release. One of the most significant features is the ability for manufacturers to work more closely with their customers — from an initial opportunity to delivery into the market.

Propel makes it easy to view all customer requests and manage the entire project from opportunity to launch.

Some highlights of this latest release:

  • Product Requests and Opportunities: sales representatives can accurately capture requests from their customers using Salesforce Sales Cloud and manage the requests with Propel’s modern PLM capabilities
  • Insights into Requests: manufacturers can more intelligently set product strategy by classifying and drilling down on customer requests based on request type, related products, customer demographics, and more
  • Customer Collaboration: customers can be more engaged in the development process by using threaded discussions on product designs, suggesting new features and product redlines to Bills of Materials, and tracking product-related tasks
  • Customer Product Approvals: manufacturing companies can speed up development by having customers review and approve product updates using configurable workflows

AMS Technologies is using Propel’s cloud PLM software to enable a customer-centric approach that helps them become more responsive, competitive and valuable for their customers. You can read the case study here.

And as Professor Angelow mentioned on the webinar, being customer-centric is what it’s all about.

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