Digital Disruption Lessons from 7 Cool Companies

By Miguel Tam

With the Labor Day weekend behind us, summer’s unofficially over and it’s time to get back to business. But while you’ve been working on your tan or camping at the lake, some companies have been busy shaking things up and disrupting the market.

Propel has had the privilege of working with some really cool companies doing things in IoT, robotics, energy and consumer products. But besides creating really awesome products, they’re applying some key principles for digital disruption that’s enabling them to be market leaders. So what can you learn from these customers, as well as some other amazing companies?

We created an infographic that walks through what these cool companies can teach you regarding digital disruption.

Propel Infographic

Here are the 7 things they’re doing that can help you with your own digital disruption:

  • Focus on the customer experience
  • Identify new business models
  • Respond quickly to changes
  • Collaborate with new types of partners
  • Be 100% customer-centric
  • Embrace the unknown
  • Flawlessly execute your go-to-market strategy

You can read a brief story for each company in the infographic. And stay tuned for more detailed explanations of each company and their digital disruption too.

Happy disrupting!

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