Digital Transformation, Cloud, PLM and ERP - Part 3

By Miguel Tam

In my last two blog posts, I discussed two use cases where cloud technologies can help manufacturers with digital transformation. Specifically, because Salesforce, Propel and AscentERP are built on a common cloud platform, they can all work together to help manufacturing companies deliver more innovative products more efficiently.

Shaun McInerney, President and Cofounder of AscentERP, and I participated in a recent webinar, and we discussed how Salesforce, Propel and Ascent use a common data model to help with digital transformation. With these cloud solutions, everyone can collaborate on customer and product data, so they can get products to customers as intelligently as possible.

In my last two blog posts, I discussed how cloud technologies can help companies launch new products to market, as well as help manufacturers work with customers to deliver custom products.

The final use case for cloud technologies (at least the final one I’ll discuss) that can help manufacturers in their digital transformation is improving the customer experience with their products.

Often times, when experts talk about “customer experience,” it’s all about marketing and the customer’s buying experience. But people often overlook the customer experience using products, especially if there are product issues. Here’s how Salesforce, Propel and Ascent help improve manufacturers’ responsiveness to customer issues. You can even watch a brief demo of this use case here.

A Customer or service rep logs issue with the product using Salesforce Service Cloud. Salesforce Field Service helps schedule a technician to investigate the issue. The technician can use AscentERP to coordinate reverse logistics, while Operations can use Ascent to help repair and refurbish the part for restocking if possible. Meanwhile, Propel helps Quality and Engineering investigate and create a long-term resolution so customers don’t face this issue again. Finally, the manufacturer can use Salesforce to communicate product updates to all potentially impacted customers.

For more information on how Propel, AscentERP and Salesforce can help you with your digital transformation, check out our webinar recording or visit

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