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Five Key Fundamentals of Product Success

May 26, 2020

Closing value chain gaps is key to achieving product success and satisfying your customers while accounting for their ever-changing needs.

Siloed processes can cause value chain gaps by hindering collaboration among key stakeholders and slowing down time to market. Closing these gaps is key to achieving product success and satisfying your customers while accounting for their ever-changing needs.

In our recent webinar 15 Minutes with Propel: Achieving Product Success, Julian Pasion, Sales Development Representative at Propel, addressed how to begin closing those gaps across your organization and what you need in order to achieve true product success. 

But what does that journey look like and where do you begin? It starts with a 360-view of product information that is accessible from any device or location. A truly modern platform that’s flexible, integrated, easy-to-use and fast to deploy.

Adapt to changing business needs

What does it mean to have flexibility in a product success solution?

For starters, the platform should be able to adapt to your current and future business needs and be fully configurable to match your internal processes. 

To keep up with those evolving needs, you can’t be bogged down by hours of custom programming. Instead, you should have the ability to quickly update configurations without extensive customization.

Centralize your data

In the mission to bring successful products to market, you need to leverage data across your value chains, from CAD to ERP to customer feedback and everything in between.

But how do you get there?

You need to bridge the gap across your systems as well as your customer and product records.

Combining third-party data with your customer and product records in one platform ensures your data is quickly accessible and actionable at all times. The insights gained from your combined data can also be applied earlier in the design process for better products and informed decision making going forward.

Deploy faster

Getting your entire organization and value chain on a new platform is ordinarily no easy task.

How do you quickly deploy a software platform across your organization with little to no friction? Most organizations don’t have the time to spend on slow software rollouts. 

To shave off the extra time, you need a cloud-based solution that is quick to deploy across your entire organization and gives you full end-to-end capabilities.

“Getting people up and running in weeks rather than months is key to quickly adapting to change, especially when there’s a timeline that comes into play,” said Pasion.

Cater to the needs of the emerging workforce

In today’s digital age, the modern workplace is constantly evolving.

To keep up with the emerging workforce, organizations need a streamlined interface that provides an intuitive experience for all users. Stakeholders need to be able to onboard and train employees faster and more easily. Today’s teams can’t be burdened by steep learning curves or clunky user interfaces.

Harmonize teams and value chains

As the hub for all product and quality information, Propel gives you full visibility of the data that’s important to you and your respective teams.

With that visibility, you’re able to quickly spot and resolve customer-facing issues sooner rather than later. With Propel, each stakeholder can see a full comprehensive view of product changes and react quickly and appropriately.

A closed feedback loop is key to achieving product success. In order to improve the overall quality of your products, you must incorporate the voice of the customer earlier in the product lifecycle.

Product Success Delivered

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