How to Improve Medical Tech Product Quality with a Better Platform

By Miguel Tam

In our latest partner webinar, Improve Product Quality With The Salesforce Platform, we joined Michael Schwartz, Senior Director of Life Sciences at Salesforce, and Brandon Alberti, Director of Business Development at Penrod to discuss how a full view of your customer empowers your team to reduce risk, improve quality and get products to market faster.

Here’s a recap on what we covered. (Don’t miss the full webinar on-demand here.)

New revolution = New expectations

There’s a new transformational age happening all around us. Regulatory landscapes have gotten more complicated. Costs are rising. Supply chains are shifting. All the while, customers are demanding more responsiveness and quality from your products.

They’re all signs of our fourth industrial age of connectivity. Boundaries between our physical and digital worlds have been blurred, disrupting every possible sector and creating new opportunities for creativity and profit — but also new ways to fail to meet your customers’ ever-evolving needs. 

Takeaway: It’s up to you to be a product leader by understanding that the world has changed and your processes should, too.

Current processes are inadequate for your customer

In this fourth industrial revolution, there will be winners and losers — just like the dot-com, electrical and steam-based technological revolutions before it. Medical products are getting more complex; so are the markets they must be compliant in. Meanwhile, customers increasingly expect manufacturers to collaborate more directly with them, the end users. 

As complexity increases, so does risk:

  • Potential lost business because current homegrown systems can’t keep up
  • Decreasing customer satisfaction from lack of responsiveness
  • Increasing field and service costs due to poor communication across teams

Takeaway: Your existing information silos and disparate systems fail to advance your mission in this new age. You need to bring the right products to market successfully, less expensively, quickly, and on target with growth goals.

A vision for the future: Full customer visibility

Imagine a world where your team was building your best products possible — products your customers love — by integrating their feedback with intelligent product design. A world where your team can work this way because they have complete data visibility, leading to internal agility, accelerating product development cycles faster than your competition.

For true product success, companies need to break down information silos to connect the people, systems, and processes that are required to deliver market-leading products from concept to customer.

Takeaway: You can only reach true product success by tying the customer record to product, sales, and service records. Otherwise, you’ll keep making product decisions in the dark.

Managing cases more efficiently at Yukon Medical

Yukon Medical needed a better way to manage complaints and keep customers informed about action being taken. With Propel, Yukon ensures compliance with a built-out customer complaint process. They can manage customer cases and integrate feedback back into their product lifecycle through Propel’s integrated PLM and QMS system. 

Instead of writing things down and keyboarding them into another system, the Yukon team can file a case and keep up-to-date on all customer issues seamlessly within one single system. It’s now easier to collaborate and train new team members, too.

"We’re growing so fast that we need to get new employees up to speed quickly. It’s critical to our business to ensure our employees understand everything. Propel made it so much easier than our previous solution.”

Takeaway: Yukon Medical has achieved their version of true product success using Propel: A closed loop from concept to customer, with improved communication capabilities and faster onboarding matching their rapid growth.

A new reality: Customers, products and quality on a single platform

Get a single source of product truth on Propel, your Product 360 platform built entirely on Salesforce offering complete data accuracy, integration with sales and service, and local market compliance capabilities. 

  • Lower risk with an integrated home base for all processes and data
  • Respond to customer issues faster with a fully connected platform
  • Eliminate manual data entry and double-checking, freeing up your team to create

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Built entirely on Salesforce, our platform extends all the benefits of the industry's top-rated modern cloud platform such as data security, flexibility, configurability, ease of use, extensibility, mobility, analytics, and reporting. Owing to Salesforce's multi-tenant cloud architecture, Propel will always be your next-gen solution, ready for whatever requirements the future may bring. 

Watch the full webinar here to learn more about how Propel, Salesforce and Penrod work together to improve medical device product quality. 

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