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How to Deliver Better Products to Your Customers [VIDEO]

April 3, 2020

To get better products to your customers faster, you must incorporate feedback sooner, manage compliance, boost visibility across your value chain, and deliver personalized experiences.

In times of uncertainty, it’s helpful to remember the values that exist beyond circumstances. 

Placing customers at the center of your products and services, for example, will always be important. Visibility across your value chain and the ability to quickly act on the feedback provided is essential for any organization, regardless of industry or locale.

Many product manufacturers are adapting swiftly to unforeseen challenges by leaning into digital technologies and customer centricity. We’ve seen many companies, including some of our own customers, like Formlabs and Samsara, take on new initiatives to create and provide personal protective equipment and other tools for those in need. We’ve also seen many companies seamlessly transition to remote work without loss of production or interruption to their business operations.

Propel is a proud Salesforce independent software vendor (ISV). Salesforce's powerful, multi-tenant cloud solution enables and empowers Propel as well as our customers to maintain continuity, boost productivity and increase visibility across the lifecycle, while delivering exceptional service and products.

To deliver better products to your customers: 

  1. Incorporate feedback sooner - Using native Chatter features, you can contextually collaborate directly on the product record with cross-departmental teams. Salesforce's Customer 360 and Propel's Product 360 enable you to connect the customer record with the product record, ensuring feedback is relevant and quickly actionable throughout the product lifecycle.
  2. Manage compliance - To compete in every global market and regulatory environment, it's necessary to have compliance built into your systems and processes. This functionality accelerates your expansion timelines, which increases your competitiveness when reaching new markets.
  3. Boost visibility across value chain - Reduce costs and boost revenue by having visibility across your entire supply chain, sales channels, distributors and customers.
  4. Deliver personalized experiences - Integrate product and commercial data throughout the product lifecycle. Prioritizing quality issues by customer allows you to identify and address problems in the most direct and impactful way. This is customer-centricity at scale.

We share in the disorientation that comes with sudden change faced by nearly all at both our company and personnel level. It will be our shared values that extend across culture, processes, and technology that keep us all moving in a positive direction.

For more on how we help our customers deliver better products to their customers, watch Salesforce’s 60-seconds With Propel video below.

Propel is a flexible product success platform that is well-integrated, fast-to-deploy, and easy to use. Find us here in the Salesforce AppExchange.

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