How to Pivot Your Entire Company to the Cloud on a Tight Timeline

July 29, 2020

Digitally transforming your value chain during a crisis isn't easy, but two innovators got it done in the nick of time. Here's what we learned from them.

Sometimes the best-made cloud migration plans go awry.

Supply chains have been disrupted beyond pre-pandemic states. COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders have brought a fresh urgency to moving away from on-premise product management platforms.

This leaves manufacturers to face the challenge of onboarding and training a recently-dispersed team, all while managing suppliers on tight deadlines and staying in business.

So is it even worth buying software right now?

To answer this question, Nicolle Cannon of Cannon Quality Group interviewed two innovative manufacturing minds who have recently moved their quality management processes to the cloud themselves: Donielle Baudin, Director of Quality Assurance at Imperative Care, and Phillip Bonarigo, Senior Sourcing Analyst at Simplisafe.

"The less you have a manual process, the less potential you have for manually making a mistake."

In Pivoting to the Cloud on a Tight Timeline: How to digitally transform your value chain during a crisis, they discussed the options available to manufacturers who want to digitally transform their value chain during a crisis using cloud services — and how to take steps today to build out long-term success beyond the current moment. Here are the top three takeaways from the webinar.

Reduce workflow interruption for end users to increase adoption

Prepping your teams for more change during change is already a hefty task, and employees don’t need any more piled on them right now than they already have. The best bet for ensuring agile adoption is smoothing out any possible workflow interruptions as you transition to the cloud.

Imperative Care was able to exactly replicate their form flow electronically. Team members didn’t have to adjust to new processes or fields, and continued following the same project management flow as before. The method was the only piece that changed. (Read their full case study here.)

Create a learning library for faster onboarding and a better user experience

Both Simplisafe and Imperative Care found it useful to prep a library of educational resources for their teams to get up to speed during their cloud platform rollout. Their libraries included:

  • Welcome packet for new hires with instructions for getting set up
  • “Quick reminders” doc for new users with tips for success
  • Live Sandbox for visual learners available anytime
  • Business process workshops during implementation
  • Recorded and edited Zoom training on company information hub available on-demand
  • Specific documentation for familiar environment questions

New tools are intimidating, so providing multiple forms of onboarding, experimenting and making everyone feel heard throughout the process is key.

Get executive-level buy-in by uniting leaders around shared problems

Framing the pivot financially can be helpful for executive-level leaders with cost in mind, both teams found. Spending less time remediating work reduces the high cost of manual data transfer, removing non-value-adding work and freeing up quality departments to do what they were hired to do.

In the clip above, Baudin noted the speed and accuracy difference between serial, paper processes versus parallel, digital processes — especially for a medical technology company.

“It was a huge compliance sell for us,” said Baudin. “The less you have a manual process, the less potential you have for manually making a mistake, where you take that human element out of it.”

Equipping leaders with data visibility into user adoption and faster response times is also a simple way to prove immediate effectiveness at the executive level. Every team should keep their eyes on live analytics for real-time deployment information, and provide access and reports to leadership.

Watch the full on-demand webinar now to hear real-life success stories from pivoting to the cloud in the nick of time.

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