Congratulations to Propel customer, Ember Technologies! The company launched the world’s best coffee mug in select Starbucks stores across the nation today. After many years of hard work, the unique temperature-controlled mug is now available, a perfect gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life!

We got to spend quality time last week with Josh Tuz, Director of Finance of Ember, at the Product Innovation conference in Orange County. He was a featured speaker at the event, and discussed how Propel’s cloud PLM software helped drive their product launch.


Josh and the entire team at Ember understand innovation, and the importance of sharing information with designers, manufacturing, and customers throughout the entire process. That’s why they understood the value of Propel PLM. They get it.


We wish Ember Technologies continued success. Find the unique mug at a Starbucks store near you, at Starbucks online, or at the Ember website.


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Miguel Tam

Miguel Tam

Nov 21, 2016