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September 10, 2020

Ray Hein, CEO of Propel, discusses the next normal and how we’re propelling customers forward in 2020 and beyond.

What a far. 

From political and societal unrest to the health of our nation, we’ve entered the next normal. How long the current phase remains normal is still to be determined. 

During this time, we’ve seen people come closer together while being farther apart. Whether that’s at work or in our communities, humanity has never been so human. We’re all adapting and adopting the new world we find ourselves in.

Leading the charge has been the humans who sacrificed their health and safety on the frontlines of not only this pandemic, but also those standing up for what they believe in. They are truly heroes.

While we’ve all learned to embrace change as the only constant, some of us have weathered the storm better than others. Whether it's a local restaurant closing their doors or a manufacturer running out of products due to a break in their value chain, seeing businesses shutdown or furloughing their employees has made us reflect on how fortunate we here at Propel have been. 

“Chance favors the prepared mind” - Louis Pasteur 

While we can't predict black swan events like this virus, we can prepare for known trends and changes coming our way. We can also prepare for the unknown changes, so that when they do occur, our organizations are ready. 

The best companies are reacting, responding, and recovering faster than ever, despite mounting obstacles.


They focused on building a sustainable and resilient value chain.

Technology is increasingly at the core of building agile value chains. 

In the fourth industrial revolution, technology is taking over. Just look at the world we live in today — over 60% of the U.S. population is working from home, using Zoom, Slack, Propel, and other technologies to keep moving forward. 

We’ve seen many resilient, agile companies come to Propel looking for solutions to remain productive in this new digital, remote world. We spent the second quarter building and launching new capabilities to help with their next normal, including our new G Suite connector, sharing tools, and advanced search. You can read more about our technology updates here

But no one’s handled this storm better than our innovative customers. S’well shifted sales to online channels as brick and mortar retailers shut down. Formlabs maintained supply chain integrity by remotely onboarding new partners in China. Sierra Monitor prepared for returning to work by remotely training employees on new state and local safety regulations. And Imperative Care shifted its entire workforce to remote work without skipping a beat. 

This is because Propel is the only product success platform built on the cloud. Being built on Salesforce allows us to incorporate the extensibility, security, and flexibility of one of the world’s leading technology solutions, so that when the world changes, our community can keep moving forward.

We believe our customer’s success is our success. We’re thankful to have over one hundred amazing customers across med tech, high-tech, and manufacturing propelling their businesses, out-innovating their competitors, and growing top-line revenues by expanding their use of Propel. 

It was recently our five-year anniversary. Surpassing the one hundred customer mark on this momentous occasion while in these strange times felt a little surreal. We can’t thank our customers enough for believing in us, leaving us reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange and G2, and building great businesses alongside ours.

In the past six months we all came together to finish our strongest year yet. We adjusted to the new norm of remote work, developed new capabilities on the fly to help our customers adjust, and had the biggest two quarters of consecutive revenue growth in Propel’s history. 

Our mission continues to be delighting our customers and propelling their product successes.

And we’re taking our mission to the next level with our first-ever digital conference. Propulsion 2020 is coming this October 13-15th. It is our first conference focused on providing forward-thinking manufacturing leaders with the intel they need to be successful in today’s disruptive world.

Day 1 features Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, Tiffani Bova, author of Growth IQ,  and a cross section of amazing speakers covering political, social and economic trends with worldwide impact. Day 2 features enterprise strategist Bruce Richardson, digital transformation coach Joanne Friedman, and a lineup of Propel customers sharing best practices and real world insights.

I invite all of our customers and friends to join us and share the invitation with others seeking knowledge in these unpredictable times. Budgets — not to mention life in general — have been upheaved this year, so Propulsion 2020 will be entirely free of charge and the keynote will be accessible to everyone.

In parting, I will say that the world is changing faster than anyone could have predicted. It’s our responsibility as leaders to build resiliency and embrace change to ensure we not only find product success, but people success. 

Here’s to the rest of this year. I will see you at Propulsion! 


Ray Hein

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