How to Serve Your Medical Device Customer at Scale

By Joanna Rutter

The medical device end customer is demanding a more personalized experience than ever before, expecting manufacturers to incorporate their feedback and needs directly into the product development process. Medical products are getting more complex; so are the markets they must be compliant in. 

With an industry estimated at $147.7 billion dollars and growing — that up until recently followed a very strict "product-centric" model — it’s undeniable that your organization and your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process must also turn away from a product-centric approach to focus on your customer.

However, that can be easier said than done. Legacy on-premise PLM solutions intended to align data and processes to bring a high-quality product to market fast usually aren’t designed to keep up with the need to pivot quickly with the market and your customer, keeping information in locally stored silos and creating bottlenecks where you need to collaborate most.

A cloud PLM not only helps smaller companies scale up, but also provides agility and flexibility to larger organizations with repeatable process frameworks, acting as a single source of truth from concept to customer. A contextual and collaborative PLM platform helps healthcare technology and medical device manufacturers quickly resolve issues that might otherwise cause serious delays, budget overruns, or worse: quality problems that endanger customers. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, medical product manufacturing executives must prioritize improving operational efficiency, reducing infrastructure costs, improving product quality, and accelerating time to market in order to improve the overall throughput of the company.

Companies need to implement a cloud PLM platform accessible on any device anywhere in the world in order to maintain compliance in every market, increase customer loyalty, and, overall, be more responsive.

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