Meet the Speakers: Join Us for Propulsion 2020’s Keynotes

October 12, 2020

Our five featured speakers on Propulsion’s first day provide five strong cases for making sure to catch these sessions.

Our five featured speakers on Propulsion’s first day provide five strong cases for making sure to catch these exciting sessions (whether live with us or on-demand anytime). Learn what makes each of these speakers worth watching below.

Writer Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm was called “the bible for entrepreneurial marketing”

Moore’s life’s work has focused on the market dynamics surrounding disruptive innovations. His first book, Crossing the Chasm, focuses on the challenges start-up companies face transitioning from early adopting to mainstream customers. It's sold more than a million copies. 

Moore’s most recent work, Zone to Win, addresses the challenge large enterprises face when embracing disruptive innovations, even when it is in their best interests to do so. (PS: Propulsion registrants receive a free copy of this book!)

In his keynote address, Moore provides analysis on how the switch from the industrial product era to the digital services era is impacting companies. Moore will also explore how product manufacturers can be more successful in the age of the customer, and provide practical advice on how to catch the next disruption wave and build a winning business. Don't miss his wisdom and RSVP to his keynote here.

Parnassus CIO Todd Ahlsten was named 2020 Asset Manager of the Year

CIO and portfolio manager Todd Ahlsten was recently named Asset Manager of the Year award by ThinkAdvisor in the large cap U.S. equity category. Ahlsten understands economic trends intimately after 26 years with Parnassus, and brings that expertise to Propulsion.

In “Market and Business Outlook in an Uncertain Future,” Ahlsten will share expectations of how the election and COVID-19 recovery will impact business investments, the stock market, and specific industry segments like manufacturing and healthcare. RSVP now to get his insights.

Bonus: Here are his top 3 favorite stock picks from May and his strategy for selecting them.

Journalist Lee Hawkins’ perspective on equity in the workplace is informed by generations of family history 

Wall Street Journal editor and journalist Lee Hawkins’ upcoming book “Nobody’s Slave: How Uncovering My Family’s History Set Me Free” is the story of one African American family’s triumph over America’s history of racial violence through entrepreneurship and education. It’s set to be published by HarperCollins in 2021.

This family history informs Hawkins’ perspective not only on current events, but how businesses ought to respond to them. In conversation with Ed Roussel, CIO of Dow Jones, Hawkins will discuss how businesses can respond to Black Lives Matter in “Justice, Change, and What Matters to Us Now.” RSVP for this timely and crucial discussion here.

Get a preview — watch Lee Hawkins in Intelligence Unleashed below: 

Lobbyist Bruce Mehlman went “viral” this summer with a Powerpoint on how the crises of 2020 will impact the market

Bruce Mehlman is a lobbyist and former Bush administration official who brings a unique perspective. He lives and breathes these trends — this summer, Mehlman published a slide deck titled “The Great Acceleration” identifying how COVID-19 could affect the US presidential election, which caused such a buzz we wanted him to join us at Propulsion to walk us through it himself.

At Propulsion, he’ll review these themes with attendees and offer a middle-of-the-aisle look at how different presidential candidates would affect manufacturing and healthcare industries based on historical data. Make sure not to miss “The Great Acceleration: How 2020 Is Bringing the Future Faster.”

Futurist Tiffani Bova wrote the book on how to successfully grow your business (literally)

Tiffani Bova, Salesforce growth and innovation evangelist, wrote the Wall Street Journal bestseller “Growth IQ,” which chronicles 30 companies’ “forks in the road” and identifies the decision-making best practices that led to their success. It’s an essential field guide to digital transformation.

Bova is a leading expert on customer trends and how to successfully sell to your audience’s shifting and ever-expanding demands — more important than ever before at a time when consumer trust is low. RSVP to watch her closing keynote address “The Connected Customer” live or on demand here.

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