Cloud PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software has existed for years. But what happens when 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) moves to the cloud? And what happens when you combine it with a new breed of cloud PLM software?

Today I’m excited to announce a new integrated solution between Onshapeand Propel, which is called CloudState for Design. Onshape was founded by members of the original Solidworks team (so they know what they’re doing!), and it’s the only company in the world doing 3D CAD in the cloud. And a special thanks to Zero Wait-State, PLM gurus who developed and are selling this integrated solution.


Onshape lets extended teams view 3D CAD models on a phone

Just like cloud PLM, integration between PLM and CAD is nothing new. But because Onshape and Propel are built in the cloud, there’s a whole new world of possibilities. Most CAD-PLM integrations are made for engineers — design in CAD; import the assembly, part attributes and files into PLM; make updates; sync; repeat. Not an easy thing to do, but not a new thing to do either. Of course, CloudState for Design does all the CAD-PLM integration you’d expect. But there’s more than that.

Because both Onshape and Propel are built on modern cloud platforms, you can now share, collaborate and update CAD models with anyone, not just engineers. Think of all the people who want to collaborate on 3D models during the entire product lifecycle, like sales people and customers who need to discuss designs during a sales cycle. Or service people who are reporting or repairing product issues in the field. Or management who needs to approve design updates. The possibilities are endless.

Not everyone’s ready for moving product design to the cloud. And that’s OK. There are many people who still feel the cloud isn’t secure enough to handle product IP, yet they feel comfortable letting offshore companies manufacture all their products. And despite companies managing extremely sensitive sales data or financial information in the cloud, I know some people will be remain unconvinced. For those people, sharing designs — especially with non-engineers — will be virtually impossible. But if your company is looking to engage your customers much more closely in the design process, if you want to embrace a new Participation Economy and have your customers participate in every step of the product lifecycle, Onshape and Propel could be a great fit for you.

If you’re at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing 2017 (February 7–9 in Anaheim), stop by and see Propel, Onshape and Zero Wait-State in action at the Onshape Agile Design Pavilion.

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Miguel Tam

Miguel Tam

Feb 06, 2017