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Product information management is all around us. When we shop online we are using a component of the product information...

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By Miguel Tam On June 7, 2018

5 Minutes with Propel

Everyday at Propel, we get asked all kinds of questions regarding our software, what our customers are doing, tips and tricks...

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Digital transformation isn’t just a high-level concept to debate in a boardroom, it can directly impact your company, your...

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It's a well-known fact that medical device manufacturing is one of the most heavily regulated sectors. As it should be....

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I’m very excited to introduce Propel’s newest addition to the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) industry — the Propel...

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When I first got involved selling cloud software to manufacturing companies, it was a TOUGH sell. The typical response I got...

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The Customer Changes Everything

Over the last 4 decades there has been a lot of change in enterprise software.  In the early...

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Every day new products are launching, sometimes from the top dogs in tech (hello Google Pixel 2XL), sometimes from an...

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Propel's fiscal year recently ended, and we saw a LOT of Arena customers moving to Propel. The recent private equity...

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