Powering CES 2019

By Miguel Tam

From self driving cars to foldable smartphones to laptops that are so thin they’ll disappear in your backpack, this year’s CES saw no shortage of amazing and futuristic products.

But this year, two companies powered by Propel made a big splash at hardware’s most coveted event. According to Entrepreneur, Pillo and Eargo were two of the most incredible startups they found at CES.

Pillo, a healthcare assistant for the home, provides scheduled reminders that scan the room for an individual in order to alert them when it’s time to take a certain medication. The voice activated at-home companion manages a total wellness program for you and your loved ones.

As the cost for at-home caregivers can be incredibly high, Pillo reduces the financial burden for families who are in desperate need of added assistance.

As the startup continues to grow and moves into the next phase of the company lifecycle, they’ve adopted our PLM platform to ready for mass production. As a result of being built explicitly for the cloud, we remove companies’ needs for expensive and clunky traditional on-premise solutions that take months to deploy. Through our platform, Pillo is able to get products consumers love into hands at a ridiculously fast rate.

Next up is Eargo, an invisible hearing aid that’s sold directly to consumers instead of through a clinician. Named as one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2018, Eargo is a cost affordable hearing aid that comes with a portable charger, and comes out to about a fourth of the cost of standard hearing aids obtained at the doctors.

As the only cloud-first solution to combine PLM, PIM and QMS directly on Salesforce, we make it easy to integrate with existing Salesforce data and equip brands with invaluable insights to make smarter decisions on improving, servicing,and selling products that people want.

We do exactly that for Eargo by improving how they manage the complex regulatory process of customer complaints. They can capture information from their customer service channels and use data from Salesforce to address any product quality issues and improve future product iterations.

As tech Goliaths like Amazon and Apple continue to dominate and out-innovate some of the largest corporations in the world, our goal has always been to equip the Davids with the tools they need to create amazing products at rapid rates, which is exactly what we’ve done for Pillo and Eargo. As a result, both companies are creating products consumers love and getting the recognition for it they deserve.

If you’re working on the next great invention, let us handle being the ‘OS for products’, so that you can focus on creating, innovating, and becoming the next incredible startup at CES.

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