Salesforce Incubator — A SaaS-cessful experience

By Ray Hein

Earlier this week, Salesforce held graduation ceremonies for the inaugural class of companies in its the Salesforce Incubator program. Propel was honored to be a part of the first set of companies to work together in the shared, San Francisco offices. Being a pioneer of SaaS, Salesforce chose SaaS startups for its first class. And just like Salesforce, companies were chosen due to what Ludovic Ulrich, Salesforce’s head of startup relations, called “an obsession with customers”.

Even though I got to know many people from all the companies during our 5-month stay, the graduation ceremony was enlightening as each company gave a 5-minute overview and live demo. Hearing about what these companies do and what they accomplished since September is truly inspirational. Mark my words, the majority of the 14 companies will be extremely successful in the near future.


Speaking at the Salesforce Incubator graduation ceremonies

For Propel, the time in the incubator allowed us to develop deeper ties with many leaders and product experts at Salesforce. Through that interaction, we learned how we both can accelerate and leverage our partnership. I’ve always believed that like a strong marriage, strong business partnerships are based on mutual commitments, trust, and of course a bias to make the most of the relationship. We have that with Salesforce.

Through active participation we were able to share ideas, learnings, and best practices with our fellow incubatees. Prior to joining the Incubator, Propel already developed a robust PLM suite and growing customer base. Therefore, we used the time and access to Salesforce resources to focus on a specific project to augment our product innovation platform and developed new solutions, which we will announce in March.

Finally, if you are a start-up in the Salesforce ecosystem, then I highly recommend the experience in the Incubator. We are truly grateful to Salesforce for this rare and valuable opportunity to grow in such a supportive, thought-provoking, and energetic environment.

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