Specification Management & Compliance - New in Propel's Winter '18 Release

By Brian Sohmers

Propel's Winter '18 release is coming soon, and in addition to the new Training Records features I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm also very excited to announce our new Specification Management & Compliance capabilities. Propel's Specification Management & Compliance allows companies to keep track of product compliance to environmental specifications (such as RoHS, REACH, JEDEC, China RoHS, and conflict minerals) and other regulatory specifications.

Tracking compliance can be very time consuming and error prone, especially when the compliance to those specifications is dependent on hundreds or thousands of parts that make up a product. To ensure your products stay in compliance to regulations around the world, compliance managers and engineers need to quickly understand the impact of part changes on products in production. You also need to provide auditors with accurate and transparent data to reduce business interruption risk, as well as keep product and operational costs low. Best practices companies also have engineers review compliance information during the design phase, so that they can develop more compliant products at a lower cost.

Key Capabilities of Propel’s Specification Management & Compliance

  • Track compliance status to any specification on a manufacturer part or directly on an item
  • Roll-up compliance statuses on a bill of materials (BOM). You can use worst case scenario when dealing with multiple manufacturer parts, or declare compliance status on a parent part to override the roll-up
  • Apply specifications to Propel's item categories for even easier administration
  • Declare compliance status through a declaration process, which allows multiple stakeholders to review compliance
  • Keep records of status changes
  • Apply specific exemptions to specifications

Just like Training Records, all Propel customers get these capabilities as part of their standard Propel license. Contact Propel Customer Success at to get even more info and register for a customer-only webinar on October 25.

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