Propel's Thoughts on Manufacturing and Cloud PLM Software

Omni-Channel Sales and Digital Transformation

Sep 18, 2018

Are you from a manufacturing company going to Dreamforce? I'm sure E-commerce is probably something on your mind. It's sure hit retailers and...
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Retailers Look To Embrace "Concept-to-Customer"

Aug 29, 2018

Since the boom of online shopping retailers are looking for ways to stay relevant in today's digital age. Because to stay relevant is stay in...
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4 Principles For Digital Transformation

Jun 05, 2018

Digital transformation isn’t just a high-level concept to debate in a boardroom, it can directly impact your company, your product success and your...
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Digital Disruption Lessons from 7 Cool Companies

Sep 06, 2017

With the Labor Day weekend behind us, summer’s unofficially over and it’s time to get back to business. But while you’ve been working on your tan or...
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