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Top 3 Reasons to Attend Propulsion 2020, Our Inaugural Manufacturing Summit

October 1, 2020

This is your chance to find out how global leaders are thriving despite the current social, political and economic impacts on businesses.

We’re just one short week away from our first-ever digital summit, Propulsion 2020!

There’s plenty to be excited about: insightful keynotes from innovative industry leaders, tactical sessions tailored to the challenges manufacturing leaders are facing today, and networking opportunities to connect with other like-minded world-class professionals.

Need a refresher of what this virtual event is all about? See what to expect.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are the top three reasons to add Propulsion 2020 to your list of can’t-miss events:

Learn about trends impacting businesses' supply chains and product lifecycles

Just three weeks ahead of the US election, you’ll be able to hear political experts discuss in real time how the US presidential election and COVID-19 recovery will impact business investments, the stock market and specific industry segments like manufacturing and healthcare.

You’ll also get an unbiased overview of the future of the economy, social issues and overall business environment. These forecasts for the pandemic and beyond will better prepare you for what lies ahead and give you a head start on leading your company with confidence as the regulatory and political ecosystem around us changes in unexpected ways.

Hear from thought leaders and business pros on digital transformation

Highly sought after keynote speakers like Geoffrey Moore, Tiffani Bova and Bruce Richardson will bring their product expertise to the table to explain how manufacturers can overcome the challenges today’s environment presents and be more resilient in the face of disruption. If you haven’t bought into cutting-edge digital strategy, this session will show you why it’s the key to being more successful, especially in times of change.

Beyond expert insights, 15 business executives with differing manufacturing experience will share their real-world perspectives on using a unified platform strategy to collaborate more efficiently and resolve product quality issues faster. In these case studies, you’ll hear practical advice from their own experiences navigating a changing business process landscape and learn the steps they took (and new technologies they used) for a smoother road ahead.

Encourage company-wide continuous improvement

Building the products and integrated experiences customers expect today is no easy feat. It’s difficult to prioritize and plan for success when you’re unable to leverage insights from every team involved in bringing a product to market.

When product teams are able to work in tandem with customer-facing teams, it becomes easier to quickly deliver the best products and customer experience. Propulsion will explore why a digital strategy focused on platform consolidation and automation makes company-wide collaboration a reality, allowing for faster response times to customer requests and higher margins. Seamless cross-team handoffs and no loss of information removes the friction, making it easier to communicate information to the right people at the moment they need it. If you’re looking to optimize your business decisions and gain a true competitive advantage with manufacturing technology, this one’s for you.


This is your chance to find out how global leaders are thriving despite the current social, political and economic impacts on businesses. Afterwards, you’ll walk away with the intel you need to be successful in today’s disruptive world. As budget cuts continue to loom, we’re glad to offer our inaugural summit entirely free of charge and accessible to everyone. Register now so you can watch live and access recorded sessions after the event.

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