Top 5 Reads of 2019

By Joanna Rutter

As we wrap up an eventful 2019, we’re revisiting our five most popular resources from the past year. In case you missed any of them (or want a refresher) join us as we reflect back on what mattered to you and the industry at large in 2019!

#5: Why the Sudden Interest in Cloud Migration?

There are countless reasons why you may want to completely swap your existing on-premise PLM for a cloud PLM, but what if you're not quite ready to do that? Organizational change, hundreds of process extensions, and countless integrations may make you hesitate in going all-in on the cloud. If you're not ready to make a complete transition to the cloud immediately, here are some other viable alternatives and users you may want to consider as part of a longer-term cloud migration roadmap. Continue reading →

#4: Medical Device Companies Need To Embrace Customer-Centricity

The medical device industry is an estimated $147.7 billion dollar industry that up until recently followed a very strict "product-centric" model. But the rise of Amazon, social media and personalized healthcare are making the end customer, or patient, demand a more personalized experience. In order to thrive in this new digital world, it is crucial that the industry pivots and turns towards a more customer-centric approach. Continue reading →

#3: How to Manage BOMs in a Spreadsheet

In an effort to spare you from endless internet searches for the perfect BOM spreadsheet template, we've gone ahead and created a free Bill of Materials template for you to download and use. This template is a great starting point if you're looking for a way to manage your multi-level BOMs with an Excel spreadsheet. Because this is a workable and editable template, you can adjust the template to add as many levels as you need. Continue reading →

#2: Product Commercialization at the Speed of Light

Product commercialization is a team sport, and it requires each functional team to play their part in concert and harmony with one another. In today's environment, all companies need to assess this critical aspect and analyze how they can get better at it and remove any choke points. Over the last decade, the following vital trends have played a dominant role directly influencing manufacturers and the product launch and realization processes. Continue reading →

#1: Product Success Delivered

As product lifecycles shrink dramatically, companies are challenged with accelerating time to market, maximizing customer satisfaction, and competing in any market worldwide – all while reducing costs earlier in the production cycle.  Not only must they remain competitive against other nimble challengers, but they must also delight their customers while ensuring absolute compliance, which requires visibility on multiple levels. Continue reading →

PSD-ebook-coverEBOOK | Product Success Delivered
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