More and more companies are moving to the cloud, but what's keeping them up at night? Two recent independent surveys - one by CIMdata, a leading analyst firm in the Product Lifecycle Management space, and the other by Propel - asked about 400 people what they thought about PLM and the cloud in general. The top two cloud challenges? Integration and security.

CIMdata's survey by Stan Przybylinski asked IT and engineering respondents about cloud PLM, while Propel's focused on a broader array of users. But no matter who was asked, they all felt integration and security were the top cloud challenges in 2017. 

What does this mean for companies adopting cloud technologies in 2017? First of all, they should realize that not all cloud platforms are created equal. Some software vendors - you know who you are! - have built their apps on older and more rigid cloud platforms. So integration, configuration and data security can be very difficult to manage. To succeed in 2017 and beyond, companies should make sure that they use world-class cloud platforms and applications.

Propel is built on the Salesforce platform, so of course, we're biased in thinking that Salesforce provides us a great foundation to build core PLM capabilities that are highly flexible, available and scalable. If you're not familiar with the Salesforce platform (also known as Salesforce App Cloud), here are a few tidbits:


  • Rated #1 by Analysts: The Salesforce platform is recognized by Gartner as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for business cloud platforms three years in a row. And Salesforce isn't just for CRM - it’s a platform for product engagement and business innovation.
  • World-Class Platform Capabilities: Propel leverages Salesforce’s platform features, including workflows, reporting, mobile support, rock-solid security, and group collaboration. Need something custom? Just point and click.
  • Not Just for Salesforce Customers: Not a Salesforce customer? No problem. When you use Propel, you get the core product capabilities you need - even if you don’t use Salesforce for CRM.

So while integration and security are top concerns for many people, thanks to the Salesforce platform, Propel has that covered. Find out more about Propel at

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Miguel Tam

Miguel Tam

Jun 29, 2017