Training Records - New in Propel's Winter '18 Release

By Brian Sohmers

Propel's Winter '18 release is coming soon, and besides a whole slew of customer enhancements, we're introducing several new exciting capabilities. First is Training Records, which allows you to track every employee's training requirements, identify who is non-compliant, and notify employees of upcoming training.

Training records are typically used by companies in regulated industries like healthcare and life sciences, but it can also be used by anyone that needs to certify employee training, whether it's operations, sales or service reps. For regulated companies, it’s important to ensure employees who are involved in manufacturing of a regulated product are properly trained and made aware of any changes to procedures or guidelines. Managing this process can be very cumbersome and error prone, especially with all the different people who may be involved in the process, all the different processes that may be impacted, and all the periodic regulatory changes from different countries.


Key Capabilities of Propel’s Training Records

  • Keep historical records of who and when an employee reviewed documents that are marked for training, and provide trainers, managers, and auditors with accurate and transparent training records
  • Create training assignments with due dates for selected trainees when a new document revision is published
  • Notify trainees and managers when a new training is assigned and when it becomes overdue
  • Create re-training assignments on a schedule - every 12 months
  • Allow engineers to decide on a case-by-case bases if training is required when they revision a new document
  • Track when trainees download documents
  • Require electronic sign-off with passwords, and allow trainers and managers to sign off for trainees when they don’t have system access

What's even more exciting is that Propel customers get all these capabilities as part of their standard Propel license. Contact Propel Customer Success at to get even more info and register for a customer-only webinar on October 25.

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