How to Evaluate and Build Supply Chain Strength Today

By Joanna Rutter

Planning in flexibility now for a stronger season ahead

You’ve weathered supply chain shocks before. As you know, it’s important to handle this one while also prepping for the next. There’s a real opportunity for you to build out responsiveness and flexibility now.

After all, modern viral outbreaks always demand immediate action from the quality professionals responsible for keeping their supply chains operating and their workers and customers safe.

As each new viral outbreak severely disrupts businesses and hurts economies, however, the risky legacy model of supply chains becomes more exposed.

In our upcoming webinar, How to Evaluate and Build Supply Chain Strength Today, we’re going to cover these three steps for evaluating your business and making your next move:

  1. Evaluating demand: How to get cash before demand shifts by keeping negotiations short and frontloading contracts
  2. Evaluating supply: How to find alternate suppliers; how to communicate, sign agreements and integrate without meeting in person
  3. Building flexibility: How to strengthen your company by building flexibility into platforms now, creating an environment where working from home is simple, and deploying disaster recovery plans

Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist at, and Ray Hein, CEO and Founder of Propel, will share tactics for evaluating and triaging your existing pipeline against possible supplier limitations and close with tips for building adaptability into your business now for a smoother road ahead.

RSVP for a seat at the live webinar on Tuesday, April 14 at 11am PST/2pm EST or to get the recording afterward. Got a supply chain question you’d like Bruce and Ray to answer? Tweet at us @propelplm or leave a comment on our LinkedIn and we’ll make sure to prioritize it.Save your seat

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