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What's It Take to Be a Quality Trailblazer in Life Sciences?

November 11, 2019

Medical device companies are finding new ways to deal with more complex products, heightened customer expectations, and constantly evolving regulations.

Blazing a new trail in the highly regulated world of medical devices sounds crazy. But with all the changes happening in the industry including the Internet of Things (IoT), Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) — and outcome-based healthcare — companies are being forced to find new ways to deal with more complex products, heightened customer expectations, and constantly evolving regulations.

That’s where companies like Salesforce, Penrod, and Propel can help. On November 13, we hosted a joint webinar diving into this uncharted fourth industrial revolution. We shared how medical device and biotech innovators are confronting these new challenges head-on by using the Salesforce platform to manage all their customer, product, and quality data and achieve true digital transformation.

The end result? Great benefits for medical device companies — lower risk, fewer errors, higher product quality, and happier customers.

I was joined by Michael Schwartz, Senior Director of Life Sciences at Salesforce, and Brandon Alberti, Director of Business Development at Penrod. These are two seasoned industry veterans with experience at companies like Assurant Health and Boston Scientific.

Here’s a short description of what we share — specifically, how our trailblazer medical device customers are getting immense value with the Salesforce platform.

Many companies have multiple systems and processes to capture customer feedback and complaints. Different team members trying to copy data from one place to another can lead to errors and delays. And of course, delays can be catastrophic when it comes to life-saving medical devices!

health and life sciences Webinar

With Salesforce and Propel, it’s different. We share one unified, configurable, and collaborative platform that allows medical device companies to manage all their customer feedback, metrics, quality processes, and product designs. No more swivel chair calisthenics! Instead, you get a personalized, streamlined way to:

  • Capture customer feedback from a website, email or customer service rep
  • Consolidate customer complaints and perform root cause analysis with Propel (which is completely built on Salesforce’s top-rated cloud platform)
  • Initiate design updates or make component changes to improve products that have been rolled out to the field
  • Relay the collected feedback from engineering to quality and finally to the customer, so you can quickly and intelligently resolve any issue

Did I already mention that Propel is completely built on the Salesforce platform? That means medical device customers can leverage a highly flexible, trusted, and scalable system. So if your company has just 10 people or 10,000 employees, it doesn’t matter. Propel and Salesforce can easily handle your simplest — or toughest — requirements for all stakeholders, including FDA compliance, thanks to our future-proof, multi-tenant cloud ecosystem.

And when you combine our solution with the consulting expertise of Penrod, you’re putting your company in a great position for success. Penrod brings many years of expertise in the life sciences and biotechnology industry with clients like Fresenius, Convergent Dental, and Cambrex Pharma Solutions. They’re based in Milwaukee, so you know that they’ll bring a lot of Midwestern integrity and no-nonsense grit into every business discussion. I’m super thrilled to be working with Penrod to make sure that companies get off on a smooth medical device journey!

(Watch the on-demand recording here.)

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