Yukon Medical: Flexible and Scalable PLM & QMS


Yukon Medical

Yukon Medical has been a leading developer of innovative pharmaceutical preparation and drug delivery devices. Yukon’s focus is on the advancement of product designs to simplify medication delivery, increase healthcare worker safety, and address the complex challenges associated with current reconstitution devices. Yukon Medical’s goal is to reduce steps to deliver medication and improve safety for patients and caregivers.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting Propel, Yukon Medical was using a more cumbersome quality management platform, and it wasn't performing the way they needed it to. They needed a flexible, scalable integrated PLM & QMS platform that was consistent and easy-to-use and learn.

We’re growing so fast that we need to get new employees up to speed quickly. It’s critical to our business to ensure our employees understand everything. We need to gauge if someone needs extra help.

Jonathan Brice

Quality Engineer


Propel helps Yukon ensure compliance with a pre-built customer complaint process. They can manage customer cases and integrate feedback back into their product lifecycle through Propel’s integrated PLM and QMS system. Instead of writing things down and keyboarding them into another system, the Yukon team can file a case and keep up-to-date on all customer issues seamlessly within one single system.

The collaborative parts of Propel are going to help us a lot. The fact that we can easily turn things into tasks is going to make us more efficient as a company.

Brian Beach

Project Engineer


Propel equips Yukon Medical with a platform to keep up with the rate at which they need to produce high-quality products for their customers. Yukon Medical now has a scalable, easy-to-use, flexible and fully integrated PLM & QMS in one unified platform.

Yukon Medical: Flexible and Scalable PLM & QMS
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