Propel and Formlabs

The Business Impact

  • 120+ people onboarded in 2 weeks
  • 150+ ECOs released in the first month
  • 5+ weeks reduction in prototype delivery time

"Propel gives flexibility and maturity to product development. The flexibility to do things like when we were a young, scrappy startup and the maturity in the later stages during prototypes and production, all while making sure the right set of eyes are on the product. Propel is the best of both worlds.”



Danielle Class, Chief of Staff, Engineering at Formlabs

Daniel Snow, Chief Information Officer at Formlabs

About Formlabs

Formlabs is a 3D printing technology developer and manufacturer based in Massachusetts. They develop high-quality 3D printing software and a suite of materials in-house and across their global offices. Since 2011, Formlabs and its 600+ employees have focused on making 3D printing systems more accessible to more people around the world. Because of this, Formlabs has positively impacted the speed and rate in which companies across healthcare, manufacturing, dental, and other industries are producing high-precision parts and products for their customers.

About Formlabs
The Challenge for Formlabs

The Challenge

Formlabs is rapidly growing in size, both in their employee headcount and product portfolio. Because of this growth, teams across the organization found it increasingly difficult to navigate across multiple systems and even harder to find and communicate the product information they needed at any given time of the product development lifecycle. As they continued to grow and expand their product portfolio, Formlabs realized they needed a better, more integrated, easier-to-use system to manage Bill of Materials (BOM), change control, supply chain, and prototype parts in order to move them through production accurately and more efficiently.


The Solution

Propel gives Formlabs the much-needed unified platform for all of their product information, incorporating their data from third-party systems and engineering tools like Solidworks and Altium. Propel is the hub for all of their product data with dashboards, reporting, approvals, workflows, change orders, contextual collaboration, supplier portals, and more.

Single Source Truth: “Having a single source of truth in Propel is really significant for us. Prior to this, there was a lot of time and energy spent hunting for this data,” said Daniel Snow, CIO at Formlabs. Now teams across the organization can easily find product drawings and identify which parts are being utilized in the production line with Propel’s robust and easy-to-use interface, allowing them to collaborate more effectively with accurate, up-to-date product information.

Platform Consolidation: When looking at system options, Formlabs was looking to leverage the Salesforce platform. As an avid Salesforce user, Snow liked the idea of a PLM built on Salesforce. “As a CIO I am always looking for ways to consolidate. Salesforce is a great platform for solving business problems. Just like Salesforce’s Customer 360, we get the same opportunity and leverage with Propel’s Product 360.” Because Propel is built on Salesforce, Formlabs is able to leverage those same benefits and their existing employee knowledge of Salesforce while keeping their number of software systems to a minimum. “I wanted to be able to leverage my existing team’s knowledge of Salesforce instead of having them learn yet another tool,” added Snow. “We now have Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Partner Community and Propel all together in one place.”

PLM, QMS, and CRM in One System: Because Formlabs uses Propel’s PLM and QMS platform in conjunction with Salesforce Service Cloud, they are able to work out-of-the-box immediately and meet regulatory requirements for any and all future product line additions. PLM, QMS, and CRM in one system has enabled and empowered Formlabs to launch their products on time and go to market quickly and safely. “I’m really excited that Propel allows us to piece together this really important product development data in one place,” said Danielle Class, Chief of Staff, Engineering at Formlabs.

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