Propel for Consumer Goods

With customer expectations at an all time high, now more than ever, organizations need a scalable, easy-to-use system to manage product data from ideation to product delivery.

Ensure customer satisfaction with accurate and complete product data

Redlines & Revisions

Propel offers greater flexibility and visibility in comparing revisions and retaining multiple work-streams without breaking workflow. Graphically redline any product attribute that impacts your customers, including BOMs, pricing, product catalog attributes and configuration rules to improve visibility, prevent iterations and improve productivity.

Redlines and Revisions
Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials Management

Securely share your latest hierarchical BOM information and contextually collaborate with any number of internal teams, suppliers and partners linked throughout the whole product lifecycle. With ever-increasing product complexities and customer expectations, Propel’s intuitive BOM management helps you carefully plan and visualize each product option and feature to make informed business decisions.

Contextual Product Data Collaboration

Connect and align people, business processes and technology beyond functional silos to enable enterprises to make intelligent decisions. Contextual collaboration between each involved stakeholder ensures that you can quickly get the right product from concept to the customer’s hands. Propel’s next-gen, fresh and intuitive user interface also caters to the needs of the emerging workforce with a social-and mobile-first mindset and helps drive significant improvements in user adoption rates. 

Product Costing

Your teams can now efficiently track and manage material, prototype, labor, and production costs and analyze whether they meet the agreed target costs. Propel’s Product Success Platform helps you determine product viability as well as the associated profit margins. 

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Propel for Consumer Goods

Propel delivers product success by ensuring you look at the bigger picture from concept to customer — taking a product from a simple idea to commercialization in the marketplace and finally to your customers who continue to engage with your product in different ways in today’s digitally transformed world.

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