Ensure Product Quality and Compliance with
Medical Device PLM and QMS

New technologies like personalized medicine, wearables and apps are changing how patients use your products. New types of business models, business partners and regulations are now threatening the traditional systems that medical device companies have relied on. Medical device companies now need PLM and Quality Management Software (QMS) solutions that allow for greater collaboration and flexibility, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Propel provides a robust medical device PLM and cloud QMS solution that you need for compliance, but also a modern innovation platform that can accommodate collaborative development. Find out how Propel's medical device PLM and Quality Management System helps medical manufacturers engage joint development partners, patients and all employees throughout the entire product lifecycle.

“The collaborative parts of Propel are going to help us a lot. The fact that we can easily turn things into tasks is going to make us more efficient as a company.”

Brian Beach, Project Engineer

Yukon Medical

Improve product quality by creating a highly configurable and closed loop of incidents, CAPAs, NCMRs and engineering changes that comply to 21 CFR

Ensure compliance by collaborating on and centralizing policies, procedures and SOPs in the world’s most flexible medical device PLM

Deliver innovation by having everyone collaborate on everything about your products, including training records, design history files (DHFs) and device master records (DMRs)

Reduce validation time by leveraging Propel's Medical Validation Pack, a full set of validation scripts and documentation, best practices validation methodology, and fully documented and tested upgrades.

Yukon Medical Case Study

Medical Device Case Study

Yukon Medical, a leading developer of innovative pharmaceutical preparation and drug delivery devices, is thriving more than ever and growing at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, their legacy product and quality systems were not built to keep up with the rate at which they needed.

Learn why Yukon Medical swapped out their legacy solution for Propel's more robust, intuitive and secure QMS platform.

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R2 Dermatology turned to Propel in order to get their new products to market as quickly and safely as possible. The Salesforce platform that Propel is built on gave the company the flexibility and speed it needed to meet immediate deadlines and quality requirements, as well as the scalability for future growth.

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As part of their push to the cloud for their entire business, a manufacturer of infection prevention equipment left their on-premise PLM systems for Propel. The company chose Propel to better manage their customer complaints, but also because Propel's integrated cloud QMS and PLM could scale with their future growth.

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An Arena medical device customer - and long-time reference - decided to go with Propel in order to better scale the company. Arena's inflexibility and limited supplier collaboration made it difficult for the company to quickly and safely introduce new drug delivery systems into the market.

Propel for QMS

Ready to learn how Propel can help you streamline your regulatory compliance while helping you with accelerate product innovation? Find out how medical device companies are using Propel to successfully launch regulated products into the market.

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