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Propel Announces New Capabilities To Further Help Remote Workforce And Supplier Management

June 25, 2020

Spring 2020 release helps manufacturers impacted by shelter-in-place orders remain efficient while working from home

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 25, 2020 - Propel, the only product success platform built on the cloud, today revealed new capabilities designed to help manufacturers that have been impacted by COVID-19 and shelter-in-place (SIP) orders to better manage a new remote workforce and ongoing supplier relationships. Propel’s new and enhanced capabilities include G Suite Connector, Advanced Sharing Rules, Audit Trail Anywhere, and Workspace V2, among others.

As a cloud provider, Propel schedules three major platform updates annually, compared to on-premise providers who have long, fixed product development timelines. The company focused the spring release on specific capabilities to benefit companies during SIP. Users can now experience a 15-25% increase in collaboration productivity while working from home. 

“This ‘next normal’ has forced product manufacturers to re-evaluate operating conditions, especially with a workforce that is adjusting to remote work or working from home. We believed it was essential to amend our scheduled spring release to include additional functionality that directly helps companies maintain productivity as they adjust to SIP,” said Ray Hein, co-founder and CEO, Propel. “The new capabilities improve business continuity and resilience across the value chain, which has become imperative based on recent events.”

Propel’s latest release includes:

  • G Suite Connector: Propel’s seamless integration with Google Docs enables collaboration between a company’s entire workforce and provides a more productive, error-free, and unified user experience. The streamlined workflow provides real-time collaboration without in-person interactions, and enhanced control over sharing, revisions and retention policies, as well as compliance in tracking, training and retaining records.
  • Advanced Sharing Rules: Sharing information with suppliers can be time consuming for manufacturers who must ensure partners have the necessary information without compromising security. Propel’s advanced sharing capabilities enable streamlined and secure collaboration with partners by automating configurable sharing rules and access reports.
  • Workspace Parametric Search and Context Actions: One-click access to updated and relevant information helps teams move quickly across projects and tasks. Propel increases productivity by putting relevant information at one’s fingertips, and users can search across item and revision attributes, select fields by category, save custom searches, and share with colleagues. 
  • Audit Trail Anywhere: Detailed audit trail for custom and Propel objects, allowing regulated customers to comply with audit requirements for custom quality processes.
  • Enterprise Where Used: Updated “Where Used” capabilities make it easier to find, sort and take action on part data. 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Updated to include all Propel-related activities, as well as a simplified user experience for approving change orders, quality records, and training sign-off, while maintaining 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. 

Manufacturers like Blentech, a company that designs, manufactures and services advanced cooking and mixing technologies, have relied on Propel’s flexible, unified platform to help ensure no production time loss when the pandemic began. The capabilities announced in this latest release will further enhance their ability to navigate changing environments. 

“Managing an Engineer-to-Order manufacturing business in California has never been easy.  It's even more of a challenge to productively coordinate our engineers working from home with the current SIP orders,” said Dan Voit, CEO of Blentech. “The Propel system has been hugely beneficial for Blentech by real-time linking our teams and streamlining communications.”

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