Meet the Disruptors: Ray Hein of Propel on the Three Things You Need to Shake Up Your Industry

December 22, 2020

Ray Hein, CEO of Propel, sat down with Authority Magazine to share his personal PLM journey and motivational factors for disrupting the PLM category.

In the interview, he touches on how PLM fell behind other software categories and how that influenced him to take action and fill the glaring gaps. Propel extends the definition from concept to customer and puts the customer at the center of your product strategy.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

"The A-HA!/lightbulb moment for me was seeing the movement of the other categories moving to the cloud, while PLM was stuck in the dark ages. With the 'rapid rate of innovation', I saw a distinct gap that could be filled with a 'new definition' of the whole lifecycle and PLM category. PLM that puts the customer at the center of the product experience by including everyone in the company in both product development and go-to-market models."

Read the full article here.


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