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Onshape’s modern CAD system frees engineers to focus on doing their best work. Unlike old CAD systems, Onshape unites modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device, never loses data, and eliminates design gridlock.

With an integrated cloud CAD and PLM solution, Onshape and Propel are changing how companies can design, create, launch, sell, and service. This integrated connector not only helps mechanical and design engineers to be more productive, but also synchronizes product updates across CAD and PLM for enabling all internal and external teams to quickly go from concept to customer. It streamlines the creation of parts and assemblies and better supports business models like Engineer to Order to improve product throughput, customer adoption, and market share.

Propel & OnShape
Propel and Salesforce
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Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It's one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.

Propel uniquely combines PLM, PIM, and QMS natively on the Salesforce platform so you can manage everything related to your products that your customers care about, such as bill of materials management, engineering changes, project management, product information management, and quality management. This integration lets us leverage the Salesforce platform’s features, including group collaboration, workflows, reporting, mobile support, and rock-solid security. Customizing a solution just for your needs is only a click away!

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Zero Wait-State

Both cloud-based and on-premise solutions from Zero Wait-State (ZWS) power industrial innovation to capture the voice of the product, unleash the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), and optimize Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Our partnership with ZWS helps you with any type of CAD PLM integration for real-time collaboration, automatic part creation, and seamless 3D CAD visualization. It allows you to connect both your on-premise or cloud-based CAD systems directly to Propel's cloud-based platform. You can contextually collaborate on creating parts, Bill Of Materials (BOMs), and change orders to accelerate time to market, reduce errors, and bolster innovation.

Propel & ZWS

Inspirage is an integrated supply chain specialist firm focused on solving business-critical challenges from design to delivery. It is a premier systems integrator (SI) delivering end-to-end consulting and implementation solutions that effectively link Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management, and Logistics Management.

Our partnership helps you achieve product and customer success by leveraging Propel's product success platform built on cloud combined with Inspirage's industry expertise and specialized library of disruptive innovations. Together, we can help you ride the digital transformation wave and execute successful projects across High Tech, Medtech, Industrial Marketing, Manufacturing, and Consumer Goods industries.


Penrod is a Platinum Salesforce consultant that builds amazing experiences to keep its clients ahead of the digital curve. Focusing on the health, life science, manufacturing, and professional services industries, Penrod ensures that its solutions maximize efficiency, revenue opportunity, and customer experience.


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Desktop Metal

I’ve used PLM systems for more than 20 years, and Propel continues to be a leader with its flexible and easy solution. Propel is helping Desktop Metal manage very complex and advanced products that will change how engineers bring products to market.

Matt Verminski

VP of Engineering
Desktop Metal
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I would use Propel over legacy PLM systems any day. It’s suited for a mid-size company but it has everything we need for when we grow to a Fortune 500.

It’s perfect for a Fortune 500 company.

Chuck Renz

VP of Product Engineering & Quality
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When we were first looking for a PLM solution, older traditional PLM systems seemed stuck in the past. Then we found Propel and saw that the company was built on Salesforce. Salesforce was a big deciding factor for us because we believe it will really benefit us.

Alon Ben-Shoshan

VP of Operations
Owl Cameras
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