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Propel’s integrated and configurable collaboration platform helps physical goods manufacturers move their product records to the cloud and ride the digital transformation wave.

Unlike traditional solutions, Propel enables contextual collaboration between product development, commercial, and service teams by providing a single platform with the product capabilities needed from concept to customer. Entirely built on Salesforce's next-generation, multi-tenant cloud SaaS architecture, Propel future-proofs organizations while unlocking a variety of modern cloud benefits.

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Capabilities Built With Your Entire Team In Mind

Your team achieves product success by connecting the people, systems, and processes needed to deliver products from concept to customer. Using Propel’s configurable collaboration platform, you get complete data visibility and integration of customer feedback with your product design.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Make your enterprise future-ready with our advanced Bill of Materials (BOM) management solution for greater flexibility and scalability. Securely share your latest hierarchical BOM information and collaborate with any number of internal teams, suppliers, and partners linked throughout the whole product lifecycle. Propel's BOM management solution helps you carefully plan and visualize each product option and feature to make informed business decisions.

Bill of Materials
Engineering Change Order
Engineering Change Orders

Facilitate fewer iterations and reduce your change order cycle times to manage your engineering change order (ECO). Configure the right approval workflows and manage product updates across the entire value chain. Propel’s cloud-based platform promises you the required agility, flexibility, and configurability to easily review and approve workflows from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Real-Time Collaboration

Connect and align people, systems, and business processes beyond functional silos to encourage teamwork throughout your entire enterprise. Propel’s integrated cloud platform enables collaboration between product and commercial teams. Contextual data provided by sales and service allows product teams to build the best products and maximize customer satisfaction. Cater to the needs of the emerging workforce with a social- and mobile-first platform and a fresh and intuitive user interface.

Real-time Collaboration
Redlines & Revisions
Redlines & Revisions

Get greater flexibility, visibility, and productivity when comparing and managing product versions. Compare revisions and retain multiple work streams without breaking workflow. Graphically redline any product attribute including BOMs, pricing, product catalog attributes, and configuration rules to precisely identify what changed and where.

Compliance Management 

Comply with the FDA, EU, and other industry regulations to compete and sell in every market and regulatory environment. Propel helps you comply with standards like ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 11, and 21 CFR Part 820. Our elaborate compliance management module includes secure electronic signatures, password security, and it records audit trails for each action. Risk management is also natively incorporated. Additionally, we provide a validation pack with executed IQ and OQ as well as template PQ scripts for all Propel processes.

Training Records Management 

Go global by confidently passing audits and improving product and employee safety. Significantly improve product safety and decrease costs by eliminating the chances of product recalls. Our comprehensive training record management solution includes full employee training transcripts, document-based training and quizzes, automated retraining, and training analytics. Describe the feature right here please. Min of 2-3 sentences.

Change Management 

Control change management processes by building workflows that get the right reviewers and approvers signing off on proposed product changes. Contextually exchange product updates with downstream ERP systems to procure, manufacture, and launch the right products to market faster. Communicate with external suppliers and contract manufacturers regarding each and every product change.


Decrease costs and deliver consistent profits with more efficient design, supply chain optimization, and preventive maintenance. Controlling costs is the key to profitable products. With Propel, you can quickly determine product viability as well as associated profit margins by efficiently tracking, managing, and analyzing material, prototype, labor, maintenance, production, and supply chain costs.

Comprehensive Search 

Quickly and easily find the right product data, files or SKUs across your entire Propel instance with powerful search functionality.

CAD Integration 

Accelerate time to market, reduce errors, and bolster innovation by integrating Propel’s platform with any CAD PLM system. Leverage Propel’s platform for real-time collaboration, automatic part creation, and seamless 3D CAD visualization with any on-premise or cloud-based CAD system to create parts, BOMs, and change orders.

Built on Salesforce 

Propel is built on Salesforce, the industry’s top-rated cloud SaaS platform, and incorporates all the capabilities of its modern cloud infrastructure.  Salesforce's multi-tenant architecture is future-proof, ensuring Propel will always be the next generation product success platform.

Propel + Salesforce
Built on Salesforce

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Learn How Our Platform Delivers Product Success

Propel helps companies achieve product success. With complete data visibility, you can provide a holistic, well-informed experience and more quickly deliver market-leading products from concept to customer. Built entirely on Salesforce, our modern cloud platform maximizes customer satisfaction by leveraging contextual feedback every step of the way. See firsthand how you and your company can benefit from having a single source of product truth anywhere, anytime, and from any device.