Propel for Consumer Packaged Goods

With increasing customer expectations, organizations need a configurable collaboration platform to manage all product data from concept to customer.

Propel Customers

Deliver a Unified Customer Experience 

Get Products to Market Faster 

Timely launch products based on seasonal patterns through integrated project execution. Collaborate with internal teams and external suppliers to quickly review your product portfolio. Avoid delays and downtime by instantly timely communicating the latest product designs, supply chain data, customer feedback, and other product-related information.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction 

Deliver a unified product experience to your customers by eliminating disparate and siloed systems. Enable each stakeholder to define, update, and share all aspects of product information including quality issues, designs, and add-on services. Provide your customers with frictionless and meaningful user experiences by providing accurate and complete product data.

Compete in Global Markets 

Plan for global product launches and closely monitor the specific needs of your global customers. Streamline marketing specs, sales data, and commercialization processes across all retail channels. Equip your innovation and execution teams with everything they need to successfully implement product launches and deliver exceptional consumer experiences.

Decrease Costs 

Decrease costs and deliver consistent profits through efficient design planning and supply chain optimization. Controlling costs is the key to profitable products. Propel's data visibility and speed helps engineers incorporate product feedback earlier in the design phase and compare alternate suppliers prior to the production ramp.

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Cloud-Based Products Completely Built on Salesforce

Propel helps you leverage the secure Salesforce cloud and its features, including contextual collaboration, workflows, and reporting anywhere, anytime, from any device. The highly flexible and configurable nature of the Salesforce platform helps you manage product changes and updates the way you want them. We can help you launch quality, innovative products and services that are radically different from your current business model.

Propel + Salesforce
Built on Salesforce

Propel Your Digital Transformation

Learn How Our Platform Delivers Product Success

Propel helps companies achieve product success. With complete data visibility, you can provide a holistic, well-informed experience and more quickly deliver market-leading products from concept to customer. Built entirely on Salesforce, our modern cloud platform maximizes customer satisfaction by leveraging contextual feedback every step of the way. See firsthand how you and your company can benefit from having a single source of product truth anywhere, anytime, and from any device.