The Propel Innovator’s Edition is the only Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solution that provides innovative businesses the robust enterprise PLM capabilities that they want but with simpler configuration for their SMB needs.

For just $1500 per month for 10 users, customers can use the core PLM features that SMB companies need, including bill of materials (BOM) management, manufacturing data, graphical redlines and change management.

The Innovator’s Edition also offers a quick start implementation that gets users up and running in less than one week.

Introducing Propel's Innovator's Edition

The Propel Innovator’s Edition offers fast growing businesses the following benefits:

  • Affordable enterprise PLM features at a monthly cost of $1500 for 10 users
  • Fast and easy implementation for $2500 can get users up and running in just 1 week, plus Propel’s intuitive and modern UI drastically to reduce PLM training time
  • Out-of-the-box attributes, change workflows, product categories and lifecycles make it easy for SMBs to use PLM for even the most casual user
  • Custom fields and drag-and-drop layouts allow businesses to manage any information needed for product success, including hardware, services or marketing collateral
  • Configurable dashboards allow for instant real-time drill-downs
  • Keep your data safe and secure with Propel’s modern cloud PLM solution, which is built on the award-winning Salesforce platform

See Propel's Innovator's Edition first-hand with an interactive demo:

Watch Interactive Demo


  • Affordable: Just $1500 a month for 10 users
  • Fast: Quick start deployment takes just 1 week
  • Flexible: Custom fields and drag-and-drop layouts for managing any product data
  • Smart: Configurable real-time dashboards and reports
  • Scalable and Secure: Built on the Salesforce platform