Cloud QMS for customer, product and quality data

Propel provides the only quality management software (QMS) solution that seamlessly connects to your CRM and PLM so you can have a true closed loop that can quickly resolve your product issues, quality processes, and customer complaints. Propel eliminates manual data entry, siloed departmental processes and rigid software configurations that can hamper even the best companies. With Propel, you can drive higher product quality, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

Propel and QMS

“The collaborative parts of Propel are going to help us a lot. The fact that we can easily turn things into tasks is going to make us more efficient as a company.”

Brian Beach, Project Engineer

Brian Beach from Yukon Medical
Yukon Medical Case Study

Yukon Medical, a leading developer of innovative pharmaceutical preparation and drug delivery devices, is thriving more than ever and growing at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, their legacy product and quality systems were not built to keep up with the rate at which they needed. Their legacy solutions were not scalable and they had issues that made training very difficult. 

Learn why Yukon Medical swapped out their legacy solution for Propel's more robust, intuitive and secure QMS platform.

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Integrate Quality Processes

To Improve Responsiveness and Compliance

Integrate with Salesforce to capture product issues from customers, partners or IoT feeds. Make it easy for everyone to collaborate on quality management processes, CAPAs, NCMRs, SCARs and ECOs.

Track Employee Training

Ensure Employee Certification

with Comprehensive Training Records

Track every employee's training requirements, identify who is non-compliant, and notify employees of upcoming training. Propel's quality management software ensures employee training records get updated based on the latest product updates.


Track Product Specifications

to Ensure Compliance to Industry Standards

Use Propel's quality management software to track compliance of items to regulatory and environmental specifications like RoHS, WEEE, REACH, China RoHS, JEDEC, Japanese Green Initiative, and Conflict Minerals standards.

Get First Article Inspection from Propel

First Article Inspection

To Improve and Evaluate Quality

Ensure product safety, function and construction with First Article Inspection process directly within the Propel platform.

Manage Risk with Propel

Manage Risks

Across the Entire Organization

Identify and assess product quality risks company-wide. Identify, quantify and mitigate risks based on severity and frequency.

Get Supplier Qualification from Propel

Supplier Qualification

For Risk Assessment and Prevention

Qualify suppliers, vendors and contractors and the quality of materials, components and services in compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements.

Manage Equipment Calibration from Propel

Equipment Calibration

To Maintain Process and Product Quality

Monitor, calibrate and schedule equipment inspections against at specified intervals to ensure product testing is top-notch.

Post Market Surveillance

Post-Market Surveillance

To Ensure Continual Quality

Manage complaints, customer feedback, servicing reports, CAPAs and more all within Propel’s QMS platform.

Create training quizzes in Propel

Comprehensive Training Quizzes

For Training Employees on Products

Create, manage, and track individual or role-based group training plans with Propel’s customizable training quizzes.

Quality Management & Compliance

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