Propulsion 2020 Day 2 - Health & Life Sciences Track

Improve patient outcomes while staying resilient

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Improved Outcomes Through Closed-Loop Solutions: (Quality x Customer x Product) = Success!
Sherrie Nance, VP of Global BioDevices R&D at Zoetis, Michael Pawlyszyn, SVP of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce, and Mike Casey, VP of Global Information of Technology at Cantel

A digital strategy built on an extensible platform enables fast response to disruption, supports improved product quality, and incorporates the voice of the customer. Hear from market leaders using technology to collaborate and resolve product issues faster, beat competitors to market, and improve product quality.

Grow and Scale in a Regulatory Whirlwind: A Lesson in Business Transformation in a Compliant Industry
Chanda Owens, VP of Global Quality and Regulatory Compliance at ASP, and Johnson Lai, Chief Information Officer at ASP

Spinning off a $1B company in a regulated industry is not easy. Standing up an entirely new IT stack in less than 12 months only adds to the complexity. Learn best practices from a company that recently did just that.  In this case study session, learn how using a unified platform strategy to make products faster, improve patient outcomes and increase customer satisfaction -- all while remaining compliant with FDA regulations -- is not only possible, but possible in a short timeframe.

React, Respond, Recover: Emerging Faster and Stronger from the Pandemic
Donielle Baudin, Director of Quality Assurance at Imperative Care, Sherine Khalil, President of Valor Compounding Pharmacy, Ron Chiarello, CEO of Alveo, and John Milad, CEO of Quanta Dialysis Technologies

Sometimes the best-made plans go awry. Supply chains have been disrupted beyond pre-pandemic states, COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders have grounded teams, leaving manufacturers to face the challenge of onboarding and training a recently-dispersed team while managing suppliers on tight deadlines and staying in business. At this roundtable, hear from industry leaders who have thrived in this environment and how they are preparing for the next new normal.

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