Build Your Best Products Faster

Collaborate and communicate with your entire value chain to bring innovative, high quality products to market faster. Streamline approvals while ensuring compliance, freeing you up to do what you do best.

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Design and produce best-in-class products

Remove silos between departments and systems to seamlessly deliver products from concept to customer. 

Develop innovative products

Request and incorporate design feedback using a single platform, ensuring input is gathered from your entire value chain.

Increase productivity

Quickly access and update real-time product data and change orders from anywhere and on any device, while automatically assigning approvals based on specific criteria.

Improve customer satisfaction

Integrate customer information from sales and service teams to be more responsive to customer needs and deliver the exact products they want.

Improve product quality

Design for quality by using an integrated PLM and QMS platform that efficiently manages engineering change orders and quickly resolves quality issues.

Reduce costs

Configure your product platform to meet your specific needs, ensuring efficiencies and cost reductions are realized across the entire product lifecycle.

Easy to use and configure

Get one home base for all your product information that is constantly up-to-date. Never wonder who updated your data or chase down a part again.

Real version control

Product changes update everywhere in Propel, not just in one spreadsheet

CAD integration

Automatic part creation and seamless 3D visualization with any CAD system

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Resources for engineers


How to Evaluate and Build Supply Chain Strength Today

Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist at Salesforce, and Propel CEO Ray Hein discuss a 3-step process for evaluating your supply and demand, and ways you can adapt to make the next best move for your business.

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The 2021 Modern Manufacturing Report

Insights and trends that will impact the future of manufacturing for years to come.

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Engineer to Order Datasheet

Propel makes it easy for engineering, sales, operations, and partners to get visibility into the latest customer requests, product designs, and project timelines.

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Clear a Path to Success

Combine collaboration, speed, and excellence in one product success platform to make your best products yet.

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