Deliver Products Your Customers Love

Win new business and gain market share by quickly and efficiently responding to customer requests for new products.

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Improve customer responsiveness and boost sales

Manage product commercialization using a centralized product master tied to engineering, ensuring accurate product information, faster response times, and increased quote accuracy. 

Increase sales revenue

Provide sales teams and distributors all the information and training needed to accurately quote and sell new products.

Improve sales efficiency

Generate fast and accurate quotes for complex and custom products by integrating design and development with CRM, B2B commerce and CPQ platforms.

Accelerate product delivery worldwide

Ensure the right products are shipped to appropriate markets as soon as they are ready, complying with all local, regional, and regulatory requirements.

Simplify omnichannel sales

Ensure buyers have correct product specifications by instantly sharing product information with distributors, online stores, e-commerce channels, and sales teams.

Reduce sales errors

Improve product accuracy with a centralized product catalog that ensures product specifications and instructions for use are correctly associated with each product version.

Easy to use and configure

Get one home base for all your product information that is constantly up-to-date. Never wonder who updated your data or chase down a part again.

Real version control

Product changes update everywhere in Propel, not just in one spreadsheet

CAD integration

Automatic part creation and seamless 3D visualization with any CAD system

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Resources for sales and marketing teams


The Forecast for PLM is Cloudy...and That's Good

In this "Master Class" for PLM buyers, hear how the cloud brings new benefits to an old space and helps manufacturers thrive today and prepare for tomorrow.

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Custom-Engineered Products

In this eBook, you'll learn about what defines a custom-engineered to order product, see ETO product examples, along with the benefits and challenges of aligning your sales and engineering teams.

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The 2021 Modern Manufacturing Report

Insights and trends that will impact the future of manufacturing for years to come.

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Empower your Whole Team To Sell Better

Increase revenue, improve responsiveness, and gain higher market share when you utilize Propel’s product success platform for your entire product record.

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