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From CAD to engineering change orders, Propel gives engineers an easy-to-use system for managing all components involved in the new product development phase of the product lifecycle.

A no-fuss PLM for your engineering team and beyond

Bill of Materials Management

With today's ever-increasing product complexities and customer expectations, Propel’s intuitive BOM management helps you carefully plan and visualize each product option and feature to make informed business decisions. Securely share your latest hierarchical BOM information and contextually collaborate with any number of internal teams, suppliers and partners linked throughout the whole product lifecycle. 

Manage BOMs
Configure approval workflows the way you want for ECOs, ECRs, CAPAs and more. Review and approve change orders on your phone and more.
Engineering Change Orders

Controlling your engineering change process by configuring the right approval workflows facilitates fewer iterations, reduces your change order cycle times and ensures clear communication of product updates across the entire product value chain. To help you best utilize the time and resources to accelerate speed-to-market, Propel promises you the required flexibility and ease to configure the required review and approval workflows from your phone, tablet or laptop.

CAD Integration

Propel’s Product Success Platform helps you with any type of CAD PLM integration for real-time collaboration, automatic part creation, and seamless 3D CAD visualization. It facilitates easy integration with your on-premise or cloud-based CAD systems and allows you to contextually collaborate on creating parts, BOMs, and change orders to accelerate time-to-market, reduce errors, and bolster innovation.

Change Management
Change Management

Build workflows involving the right reviewers and approvers to ensure the appropriate stakeholders sign-off on proposed changes. We provide contextual collaboration, allowing you to exchange product updates with downstream ERP systems to procure, manufacture, and launch the right products to market faster. We foster improved collaboration for clear communication with external suppliers and contract manufacturers regarding each and every change that they should be aware of.

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