Propel for Operations & Supply Chain

Launch quality and innovative products to market faster by improving collaboration, product throughput and overall customer adoption from concept to customer.

Manage your procurement and supply chain

Change Management and Approvals

Build workflows involving the right reviewers and approvers to ensure the appropriate stakeholders sign-off on proposed changes. We provide contextual collaboration, allowing you to exchange product updates with downstream ERP systems to procure, manufacture, and launch the right products to market faster. We foster improved collaboration for clear communication with external suppliers and contract manufacturers regarding each and every change that they should be aware of.

Change Management
Comprehensive Search Across The Entire Lifecycle

Finding the right product data, files or SKUs are as easy as a Google Search. Search across your entire Propel instance to find the information you need fast.

Built-in Contextual Collaboration 

Errors and inaccuracies due to working with wrong product information can result in returns and unhappy customers. Facilitate contextual collaboration and real-time exchange of product information among all internal and external stakeholders involved in the product commercialization process. This significantly reduces the chances of errors, delays and iterations while working with your external suppliers, resellers and distributors.

Tasks and Projects
Task & Project Management

Our highly connected and tightly integrated task and project management system helps you ensure complete visibility into project schedules through contextual collaboration among internal and external teams such as suppliers and contract manufacturers. Our platform scores high on ease of usability in assigning tasks and notifying the users regarding completion timelines. In case a project is running behind, you can quickly determine the exact project stage and make informed and intelligent business decisions.  

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