Propel for Quality

Eliminate manual data entry, siloed departmental processes and rigid software configurations that can hamper even the best companies.

Maintain and manage compliance

Audit Management

From internal and external audits to auditing your suppliers, Propel helps you along the way. Our comprehensive audit features and modules help your company take preventive actions based on the data-driven audit insights. We enable you to share information about upcoming audits and details about the audit results with the respective stakeholders to make informed business decisions.

Manage Customer Feedback
Manage Customer Complaints

Create a closed feedback loop — ranging from customer complaints to QA investigation further to design update — resulting in improved quality products. Our fully configurable fields, and workflows helps you to meet the specific needs of your customers. We are fully integrated with Salesforce service cloud or other case management or customer service systems to ensure quicker case resolution, increased customer responsiveness and higher customer loyalty. Our cloud-based QMS solution incorporates decision trees that determine regulatory reporting requirements which lowers the risk of non-compliance and errors.

Training Records Management

Our comprehensive training record management solution includes — full employee training transcripts, document-based training and quizzes, automated retraining, and training analytics. With this automation in place, your company can confidently pass audits, minimize penalties by accidentally violating set compliance standards, improve product and employee safety, and reduce the overall administrative cost burden.

Sales Channel Enablement
Risk Management

Incorporate Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA), and Non-Conforming Materials Reports (NCMR) into all our processes. Our cloud-based QMS solution enables you with a reportable risk management matrix and allows you to calculate the risk score for events based on important parameters such as the severity of issues and frequency of occurrences.

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