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Category & Asset Management

Flexibly  configure custom attributes for each product category, regardless of industry. Our PIM solution enables you to support all commercial assets needed to launch your products, including images, videos, 3D pictures and views, for not only broad and generic product lines but also specifically for each SKU variant. This minimizes error and improves customer retention by meeting your customer’s expectations. Propel’s PIM solution also assists with multiple locales by storing the data in multiple languages thus enabling your global sales. 

For Suppliers
Supplier & Distributor Portals

Our solution provides you the ability to aggregate data from multiple sources and suppliers. It enables collaboration with multiple suppliers and distributors to ensure an effective contribution to the catalog data. Your product resellers can also create aggregate catalogs across many suppliers to showcase the overall product offerings. Propel’s PIM solution facilitates strong permission models in place to ensure privacy in keeping the data from various suppliers disjoint.

Sales Channel Enablement

Certify and update your sales teams, distributors and partners on the latest product information, promotions and training documents. Track who's been trained on the latest product updates within the Propel platform.

Sales Channel Enablement
Integrate InDesign
Integrate Data From Third-Party Apps

Connect your catalog data from Adobe InDesign. Allowing you to seamlessly push accurate product data to all of your channels, allowing you to get your the right products to market on time.

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